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Bush Skills Network was created so like minded Bushcraft enthusiast's could have a social network to learn and share the tricks of the trade. We went all out on this and every area of Bushcraft & survival is covered.

- Bushcraft;
- prepping;
- camping;
- survival;
- homesteading;
- Weapons;
- Primitive skills;
- hunting;
- Camp Cooking;
- Kit discussions;
- Wildlife;
- Wild Edibles And so much more.

BSN gives every member the tools they need to share & learn how to survive in the wilderness.


One of my fav campsites along the murray river in South Australia is the Tenbury Hunter Reserve. My ... more
Randellz Mar 10
Lets talk about making homemade booze, Alcohol is very easy to make at home, and if your not using a... more
Randellz Mar 10
Today i want to share a recipe for making Australian damper, for those unsure what that is "It's Bre... more
Randellz Jan 10

Forum Topics

What are some of the uses for an empty tin can, im all about repurposing old items.  I made a hobo stove a few weeks ago, but my pile of cans is getting larger and larger and i really only... More



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